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how to order wine

When you order wine…

How do you proceed when you order wine? Do you order taking a look at the wine list or you ask for a suggestion? Basically, in each restaurant the wine list should help us make our choice, unfortunately very often it is not present and in many cases we find it not completely exhaustive. So how…
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Food and wine pairing. The basics and the combinations you wouldn’t expect.

Food and wine pairing is nowadays a controversial topic but of great importance in the restaurant world.  Lately, the best starred restaurants in the world have chosen to offer, in combination with their tasting menus, a very precise selection of wines by the glass chosen by their Sommeliers. A different glass for each dish in…
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How to draft your wine list

Today, Malta boasts a large number of restaurants, but how many of these truly satisfy the needs of wine enthusiasts and professionals? How many could contribute to obtaining an international recognition such as the Michelin star? As a distributor, the justifications that most of the times I have to deal with are: Now, let me share…
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Natural Wine: What’s going on in restaurants (and not only there) around the world? And where does Malta fit in this scenario?

The world gastronomic scene is currently going through a period of change that is debating how to choose and what to pour into one’s glass. A real war between two factions has broken out among wine industry experts. On one hand, the “wine technologists conservators” advocate industrial wine, on the other the “avant-garde of degrowth”…
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Male hand holding freshly hand picked grapes

Vini Naturali: cosa sta succedendo nei ristoranti (e non solo) di tutto il mondo.

La scena gastronomica mondiale sta attraversando un delicato periodo storico che ad oggi vede ancora aperta la polemica sul come e cosa scegliere di voler versare nel proprio bicchiere.  Tra gli esperti del settore enologico è in corso una vera e propria guerra tra due fazioni. Da un lato i “conservatori tecnologi del vino” fautori…
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