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Natural Wine
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What do we do?

Roots Natural Wine was born at the end of 2018 with the purpose of spreading the natural wine culture on the Maltese Islands, through the import and distribution of wine produced by Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wineries.

The wine we decided to import is made by Italian independent farmers, mostly of them, follow natural farming practices without any chemical intervention.
Our wine has, at least, the Organic Certification but in many cases has the Biodynamic Certification. (Demeter)

We strongly believe that it’s necessary going back to drink genuine wines in their truest form. Neither artifacts nor improving practices in the cellars are accepted as well as technologies crutch, chemical products or sterilizing practises. All of these have a bad impact on the quality of the final product.

We trust the importance of preserving our body and health like our producers do taking care of their soils and respecting the nature where the products come from. They sustain an healthy habitat in the vineyard generating living wine from living soils.

In the name of this attention to the quality, we treat every single bottle with the respect it deserves with constant checks of the temperature, light and humidity of our warehouse and last but not least during the shipping phase and the deliveries to our customers. 
So, do you want to learn more about natural wine? Read below…

What’s natural wine?

Have you ever tasted natural wine? 


The most common feature is related to sulphites that will not be added during the vinification process. Sulphites are preserving agents very dangerous for human health.


A natural producer doesn’t use any kind of chemical products during the vinification process or any invasive intervention that could change the real nature of his wine.


Toxic synthetic pesticides usage is strictly forbidden, farmers adopt ecologically sustainable farming practices like non-chemical pest control.


Eventhough we are talking about alcool, a natural wine is absolutely more tolerable than an industrial one. No more headaches or allergies. Now you can drink safe.

Our Heroes

We are very pleased to introduce our beloved producers!

Cantina Ribelà – Lazio

Daniele and Chiara are a young couple from Frascati (Lazio). The varieties of grape they grow are Bellone, Malvasia di Candia, Cesanese, Trebbiano and Bombino. All locals varieties that they decided to manage following the biodynamic principles. I can assure you that are absolutely amazing!

Stefano Amerighi -Tuscany

His Syrah is known as the most important in Italy. His idea was to produce a great biodynamic Syrah that should have been the true reflection of the Cortona’s Terroir. His winery is a wonderful and pristine place in Tuscany where it’s impossible not to fall in love with!

Damiano Ciolli – Lazio

In Olevano Romano (Lazio) a young couple, Damiano and Letizia are the owners of this iconic biodynamic winery. Their Cesanese is becoming one of the most important and desired wines by every natural wine’s fan.

Marco Carpineti – Lazio

In Cori (Lazio) there is an organic winery where Marco and his son are giving new importance to local traditional grape varieties doing great wines including a stunning Champenoise Method.

Arpepe – Lombardy

They are a family of winegrowers and, for over 150 years, they have been passionately devoted to the cultivation of Nebbiolo. At ARPEPE, even innovation has to respect the rule of patience.

Pietradolce – Sicily

Take note of this name, if you are a wine lover or a collector you need to save it in your mind. Their Vigna Barbagalli or Archineri are becoming a very well known label among Etna wines. Just tasting them you’ll understand why.

Tenuta Lenzini – Tuscany

You don’t know them, right? Very bad! You’ll thank me cause their wines, every single wine they produce is absolutely and incredibly fragrant, well done and addicting! Listen to me, try them!

Rocco di Carpeneto – Piedmont

From their website: “We believe that very high quality of grapes and natural, non intrusive winemaking techniques are the simple secrets to consistently make fine wines. Wild yeasts only are used in spontaneous fermentations, in old wooden casks, terracotta amphorae or stainless steel and concrete tanks”
Well, is this enough to understand the magnificent work their are doing? Absolutely not! Let the wines talk!

Azienda Agricola Raìna – Umbria (Montefalco)

My name is Francesco Mariani, I am chef and vine grower in Montefalco, Umbria. I make wines from biodynamic grapes togethet with my friend and assistant Andrea Mattioli. “Raina” was the nickname of the previous owner of the field where we planted the first of our Sagrantino vines. We chose this name for the cantina to preserve the link between the land and its history.

Ca del Vènt – Lombardy – Franciacorta

In 1994, we established Cà del Vént willing to make our own wine instead of delivering grapes to the local collective winery.
In 1996, we got the first 5 barrels of red wine from autochthonous varieties, made just for our consumption, but already made with great determination. These wines have turned into a more structure, a wider and more complex aromatic range ( still developing ), a pretty live feature and above all they remind clearly true aroma and flavour of grape.
This energy approach has nothing to do with scientific knowledge, it’s of course a matter of feelings, with nature, with the wine and with the energy we are surrounded by.

Cascina delle Rose – Piedmont – Barbaresco

Our motto:
The wine, as the vineyard, must be respected, even in times.
The tradition and elegance are the two key words that must be the life motive of our firm. 

In 1997 Italo and his sons joined me, Davide and Riccardo: our present and future.
Davide, the 1st son, is now the responsible of the countryside and we collaborate with him.
His careful sensibility guide him into the work choice which are changing from an year to another because of the different weather conditions.

Ferdinando Principiano – Piedmont – Barolo – Monforte d’Alba

My passion for wine has always been present, because I was born in a peasant family, I’ve always been a farmer and I’ve always wanted to be a farmer.
I started my first harvest in 1993 following the modern and conventional production in vogue in the early 90s.
Ten years later, due to my intolerances towards chemicals that I used in the vineyard and towards wine-making additives that I used in the cellar, I decided to change philosophy and start a more natural production.
I made a huge amount of changes, but to resume, it might be better to say that I have removed everything rather than modifying it.
I have eliminated the use of additives and also the use of oenological machinery, all the products and practices that manipulate the natural winemaking process.
This translates into balance and drinkability combined with the freshness of my wines.

Our Team

Claudio Rosadini


Entrepreneur, Italian Sommelier and wine lover