The Artisanal Panettone – Traditional


The Artisanal Panettone – Traditional

We are happy to introduce you to, for the first time in Malta, the Artisanal Panettone from Toghma Artisan Bakes the brand new bakery in Birkirkara.

The artisan panettone is part of the Italian Christmas tradition. There is no Christmas and there is no Italian family that does not bring a panettone to the table during this period. This year in Malta we are lucky enough to have the first artisan panettone entirely produced here on the island!

The panettone is made up of only quality products, with the best Italian candied fruit, artisan flours and a mother yeast entirely produced by the good Cristina of Toghma Artisan Bakes.

I highly recommend you try it, it’s addictive!

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