The Premium Vegan Wine Selection


The Premium Vegan wine selection

The Christmas Vegan Wine Box is your perfect Christmas gift in the name of sustainability and respect for our planet. It’s a refined gift box composed by three farmed biodinamically Italian artisanal natural wines.

What’s inside? Following the details:

  • 1 Principiano Ferdinando – Spumante Belen Extra Brut Rosè 2016
  • 1 Franciancorta Ca del Vent – Spumante Creative Life Pas Dosè 2012 (Pinot Noir)
  • 1 Damiano Ciolli – Cirsium 2016 (100% Cesanese)

But that’s not all, the wines selected by our Italian Sommelier have been on the wine lists of the most important starred restaurants in Italy and the world for years.

So don’t miss the chance to try this fantastic selection of natural and vegan Italian wines.

P.s. for the uninitiated, not all wines can be defined vegan. In fact, most of the commercial wines in circulation, such as those you buy in a wine shop or supermarket, are produced using animal-derived products during some stages of production such as clarification (egg white) and during filtration (animal membranes).
Furthermore, biodynamic agriculture and winemaking according to natural dictates guarantee the total absence of harmful chemicals.

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