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Stefano Amerighi

His Syrah is known as the most important in Italy. His idea was to produce a great biodynamic Syrah that should have been the true reflection of the Cortona’s Terroir. His winery is a wonderful and pristine place in Tuscany where it’s impossible not to fall in love with!

Region: Tuscany – Cortona

Farming: Biodynamic

Grapes: Syrah

Cellar practices: No filtrations, no additives, no suplhites, no clarifications. Concrete aging, several micro-vinifications assembled in a cuvèe.

Stefano Amerighi’s words: I made this wine from grapes matured in my company’s biodynamic vineyard in the countryside of Cortona. 
The company’s ethics include the total absence of corrective measures, crushing in the old fashioned way, with your feet, rendering this wine a true reflection of my grapes in this vintage year.

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