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Team Building / Events

Roots Natural Wine besides being one of the first wine wholesalers in Malta is also Education and Fun.

Are you a company and looking for funny and exciting Team Building Activities in Malta?

Here are some of the Experiences we have designed for you:

Wine and Chocolate Tasting

A group activity that will allow you to taste a selection of natural wines paired with different types of chocolate pralines.

In this way, in addition to delighting your palate, you will learn some of the basics of tasting and food / wine pairing.

In collaboration with: Malta Chocolate Factory (Bugibba)

Contact us for more info and to book your team building experience.

Duration of the meeting: 2 hours

Price: 25 euros

Sweet wines

Wine and Food pairing Competition

During the “Wine and Food Pairing Competition” two or more teams will have the opportunity to challenge each other as true Sommeliers.

Who will win the prize for the best food/wine pairing?

During this “Team Building Experience” we will give some notions about pairing and then let our challengers create their dishes which will then be tasted in combination with a previously selected natural wine.

Ready for the challenge ?!

In collaboration with: Toghma Artisan Bakes (Birkirkara)

Duration of the meeting: 2 hours

Price: 25 euros

Blind Dinner Experience

This experience will allow you to learn more about your senses and yourself.

The only thing you have to do is abandon yourself to us and let yourself be guided in this exciting tasting journey.

You will be served 5 dishes together with as many wines … but you will be blindfolded and you will not be able to use cutlery.

Your senses of touch, taste and smell will thus be stimulated to the maximum

An incredible personal experience of growth and training.

In collaboration with: Toghma Artisan Bakes (Birkirkara)

Duration of the meeting: 3 hours

Price: 40 euros

Wine Tasting Basic Knowledge

Have you always been fascinated by the ability of Sommeliers to tell and describe a wine?

Here, this mini course will give you the opportunity to know the basics of tasting.

We will face the secrets of the visual, sensorial and gustatory evaluation of wines with the aim of making you more aware of your future approach to wine.

Duration of the meeting: 2 hours

Price: 25 euros

For further info please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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